At White Horse Golf Club, September 7-9, the 2018 Wedge Golf Tour season will culminate with the 2nd annual Emerald Rose Cup—a Ryder-Cup- style Battle Royale that pits the best of Portland against the best of Seattle. Golfers from both regions earn their chance to protect their turf, and gain Cascadia-wide bragging rights, by qualifying as one of the top two points leaders for each flight throughout the 2018 Wedge Golf Tour season. The more events you participate in throughout the year, the more opportunity you have to qualify and defend your corner of the Pacific Northwest.

How It Works

  1. Sign up for our Wedge Tour Membership
  2. Register and play in one or more events
  3. Qualify for the Emerald Rose Cup in one of two ways;
    1. Finish in the top two on the points list for your flight and your city
    2. Get selected as Captain’s pick for participation and exceptional play.
  4. Play – Two players from each flight will represent their city, along with one captain’s pick, and one playing captain
  5. Win – The first city to win 14.5 points will win the Emerald Rose Cup.


The Details

  • Each year the Emerald Rose Cup will alternate cities to host the event. The second year will be held in the Seattle area at White Horse Golf Club.
  • Portland and Seattle teams will each be represented by 12 players
    • 1 playing Captain
    • 2 players from each of the five handicap flights (0 – 4.9, 5 – 9.9, 10 – 14.9, 15 – 19.9, 20 – 30)
    • 1 Captain’s pick
  • The Emerald Rose Cup is a 3 day event including Foursome, Fourball and Individual match play formats;
    • Friday — Front 9 Fourball, Back 9 Foursome (6 matches/points available)
    • Saturday — Front 9 Foursome, Back 9 Fourball (6 matches/points available)
    • Sunday — 18 hole Individual match-play (12 matches/points available)
  • The first team to 12.5 points wins the Emerald Rose Cup.  If both teams get 12 points, the team currently holding the cup will retain the cup. *Portland currently holds the cup.
  • The visiting team will submit their lineup to the home team each day prior to play.  The home team will have to adjust it’s lineup to match the visiting teams lineup. ie. The visiting team may want the low handicappers to tee off first followed by the high handicappers, or vice versa.  The home team has to send out equal handicap players for each of the starting times.