Tour FAQ

The Tour

With anything New and exciting there is bound to be a lot of curiosity. Here are some of the more common questions.

Can I play in a Wedge Tour event if I don’t have a handicap?

Yes. You will be placed in the lowest handicap flight and will not be eligible to win net prizes.

Is my handicap through the Wedge Players Club an official USGA handicap?
Yes, we provide an official USGA Handicap that can be used to participate in any amateur golf event.
Why does the Wedge Tour have fixed flights?
With fixed flights you can be certain that you will be consistently placed with golfers of a similar skill level. This results in a more even playing field, where winning gross is a possibility for each golfer at every tournament.
How can I sign up or register to play a tournament?

View our Individual or Partner schedules, then select the event you would like to play and click the Register Now button.

What is the difference between the Tournament Only membership and the Tournament + Handicap membership?
The Tournament Only membership allows you to play in Wedge Tour events for a discounted price and earn points towards the Tour Championship. The Tournament + Handicap membership includes the same benefits as the Tournament Only membership with the addition of a USGA Handicap Index from The Wedge Players Club, an OGA membership, and a subscription to Pacific NW Golfer magazine.
What information do I need to sign up?

For memberships: name, email, address, phone (optional), GHIN (if applicable), shirt size, credit card number (if applicable)

For tour events: name, email, GHIN (if applicable), credit card number, partner name or pairing request (if applicable)

I’ve never played in a golf tournament before, what are some basic rules of golf I should know?

We’ve created a Tournament Rules 101 Cheat Sheet (pdf) that can be downloaded and printed to bring with you for reference. We will also have some available when you check in for each tournament.

Can I use my electronic measuring device during a tournament?

As long as it does not calculate slope, wind or temperature, yes. Please see our player handbook for more details on the tour rules.

If I qualify for the Partner Championship, do I have to play with the same partner I played with during the regular season?
You must play with someone who you played at least once with during a regular season partner event. If you play with different partners throughout the season, there should be an understanding between partners on who will play together if one of you qualifies for the Championship.