Tour Rules

The Tour

Wedge Golf Tour Player Handbook – click here

Tour Format – The Wedge Golf Tour is comprised of two separate tours, the Individual Tour and the Partner Tour.  Each tour will have 4 events throughout the year.  In these events, along with monetary prizes, players will earn points based on their gross and net finishing place that will go towards qualifying for a spot in the end of season Wedge Tour Championship.  Please see the following sections for more details on the Individual and Partner tours.

Individual Tour Format – The Individual Tour will have five fixed flights based on your 6 month low USGA Handicap index, not the course handicap.  If you do not have a USGA Handicap, you will be placed in the Championship Flight.  If you have a GHIN but do not have the minimum number of rounds (5) to have an official handicap, the Wedge Tour will use your trend index number to place you if you have at least 3 scores posted.   Please see the table for the flights below;

Championship 0 – 4.9
Pitch 5.0 – 9.9
Gap 10.0 – 14.9
Sand 15.0 – 19.9
Lob 20.0 – 30.0


Individual Tour events will be one day, 18-hole tournaments, and either shotgun or tee-time starts depending on the specific tournament.  Individual Championship events will be two day, 36-hole, tee time events.  All Individual Tour events will award points based your gross finish within your respective flight. Prizes will be awarded based on your gross finish in your flight.  If there are not at least 5 players in each flight, the field will be combined to make one or two flights, and prize payouts will be awarded to top gross and net finishers. Scoring will be completed after the round, with prizes and awards presented at the course.

Below are the average yardages and tee boxes used for each flight:

Championship Flight:      Men = 6500 – 7000 yards (blue/black)          Women = 5800 – 6300 (white)

Pitch Flight:      Men = 6500 – 7000 yards (blue)          Women = 4800 – 5300 (red)

Gap Flight:        Men = 6000 – 6600 yards (white/blue)          Women = 4800 – 5300 (red)

Sand Flight:      Men = 5800 – 6400 yards (white)                  Women = 4800 – 5300 (red)

Lob Flight:        Men = 5500 – 6400 yards (gold/white)          Women = 4800 – 5300 (red)

       *(common course tee marker colors)


Seniors – Any golfer who turns 55 years old before the first event of the season is eligible to play from one tee box forward of their assigned tee box.  If a player decides to play as a senior, their score will be adjusted per USGA rule 3-5 for equal competition.  This rule is designed to create equal competition for two players of equal handicap playing from different tee boxes.  Typically the senior will have 1-3 strokes added to their score depending on the total yardage advantage between the two tee boxes, and the course slope and rating.  The score adjustment will only be used for the purpose of determining prizes and points.  The player’s actual score will be used for posting for handicap purposes.  Players must request to play as a senior when registering for an event.  Accommodations for senior requests cannot be made after pairings have been sent to players.

*This rule may not apply to men playing in the Lob flight, or women playing in the Gap, Sand, or Lob flight, as there may not be any forward tee boxes to play from.


Partner Tour Format – All partner events will be teams of two players.  Flights will be created based on the number of teams participating, usually between 8-15 teams per flight.

The Partner Tour will use three different formats;

  • Best Ball: Each player will play their own ball for the completion of the hole.  The team will then record each player’s scores and the lower of the two scores will automatically be chosen to represent their team score for that hole.  Individual handicaps will be calculated using the USGA recommended calculation for best ball format: 90% of USGA index for men, 95% of USGA index for women.  An additional 10% reduction will be used if the partners’ handicaps differ by more than 8.
  • Scramble: Each player will hit their tee shot. The team will then decide between the two tee balls which ball location both players would like to play from for their second shots. Both players will hit their second shot from the same location, and then follow the same procedure until the ball is in the hole.  The same format is used for putting. The team will record one score for the team for each hole.  Team handicaps will be created using the USGA recommended calculation for a scramble format: 35% of the lower of the two partner handicaps, and 15% of the higher of the two partner handicaps.  For example, if player A is a 10 handicap, and player B is a 20 handicap, the team handicap will be player A (10 x .35 = 3.5) + player B (20 x .15 = 3) = team handicap 6.5.
  • Shamble:  Each player will hit their tee shot.  The team will choose the best tee shot to play from.  Each player will finish the hole playing their own ball from the selected tee shot.  The lower of the two scores will be used for the team score.

Partner regular season tour events will be one day, 18-hole and either shotgun or tee-time events depending on the specific tournament.  Partner Championship events will be two day, 36-hole tee time events.  Scoring and prizes will be based on gross and net team scoring.  Scoring and prizes for each event will be completed at the course after the round.


Below are the average yardages and tee boxes used for each partner event:

Men = 5800 – 6400 yards (white)                        Women = 4800 – 5300 (red)

        *(common course tee marker colors)