The Wedge Golf Tour puts the golfer first and leaves the nonsense behind.  It’s a professionally organized golf tour focused on fun, competitive and friendly amateur golf at the Northwest’s best courses.  We offer a variety of events, from smaller less formal tournaments that has the feel of getting together with your friends for some friendly competition, to larger events with more on the line and the feel of a amateur golf tour.

Join the Tour today and find your sweet spot in Northwest amateur golf.

Our events are Individual Stroke play events and pay out points and end of year winnings based on Gross and Net results. Participate in events throughout the season, and if you do well, you will find yourself with a nice payday at the end of the season, and a chance to represent your city in the 2nd annual Emerald Rose Cup.

Overview of Individual Tour


“The Tour” consists of Individual stroke play events where you earn points based on your gross or net finish, whichever is higher.  Larger fields will have multiple flights.  For every event, each player pays into a progressive pot as part of their registration fee.  At the end of the year the top points leaders will be paid out of the progressive pot.  If 20 players attend all 12 events, the pot would be $3,600, and top points leader would take home $700. You can find more details on the payout structure on our Prizes and Points page.

  1. Sign up for our Wedge Tour Membership
  2. Register and play in one or more events
  3. Earn points based on your Gross or Net finish
  4. Finish in the top 10 on the season points list after the Club Championship
  5.  Win up to $700 from the season long progressive pot*


*based on 20 players per event and total pot of $3,600

Overview of Emerald Rose Cup


The Wedge Golf Tour season will culminate with the 2nd annual Emerald Rose Cup–a Ryder-Cup-style Battle Royale that pits the best of Portland against the best of Seattle. Earn your right to protect your corner of the Pacific Northwest by working your way up the leaderboard throughout the Wedge Golf Tour season. Points leaders for the following flights will earn spots to represent their city;

Championship flight = 0 – 4.9 handicap index

Pitch flight = 5.0 – 9.9

Gap flight = 10.0 – 14.9

Sand flight = 15.0 – 19.9

Lob flight = 20.0 – 30.0

  1. Sign up for our Wedge Tour Membership
  2. Register and play in one or more events
  3. Qualify for the Emerald Rose Cup in one of two ways;
    1. Finish in the top two on the points list for your flight and your city
    2. Get selected as a Captain’s pick for participation and exceptional play
  4. Play – Two players from each flight will represent their city, along with one captain’s pick, and one playing captain
  5. Win – The first city to win 14.5 points will win the Emerald Rose Cup

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